Starting Well

I am always excited about new things or at least excitement is what I display. When I led my first trip to Nicaragua, I was sweating like Rahab in church. But I faked it and everybody bought it. The trip was awesome.

But to be honest, new is also scary, even for someone like me who loves change. The reason why I always display excitement and ignore the fear of the unknown is because I believe that at the beginning of every start, there is a decision to make. Of course there will be numerous decisions to be made as we listen to 1. God 2. Community 3. Congregation (in that order) and craft this new ministry, but the first decision is most important. The first decision only has two options. Option one is to start with fear and, consequently, operate from a posture of anxiety. Option two is to start with a belief in God’s sovereignty knowing who is really in control and who actually owns this whole gig. The choice is ours. I choose the latter.

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