Life Change Realized

I informed my congregation recently that I have been chosen and called to lead a new ministry initiative. Therefore, my last Sunday as pastor of Christ United will be June 30th. In the message on that Sunday morning, I stated that following Jesus is about replacement, not regulation. This is true for our hearts (soul), as well as our plans and agenda. The Gospel demands that we surrender our agenda for the sake of God’s, as offensive or painful as that may be in the moment.

This change is not something that Emily and I have pursued. We have loved being called to serve here at Christ United in Burke County and content in this appointment. This ministry has not always been easy, but I believe anything worth doing should also be challenging and we have the opportunity to grow the most when most challenged. The love and the hospitality we have received from this congregation has made this a great place for our family. We had assumed that we would be here for a long time. However, our timing is not always God’s timing.

We are very grateful for the love and hospitality our family has experienced in this community. I have also appreciated the space and the grace to make mistakes (Hey, that rhymes! Sorta). This was my first appointment as a lead pastor and I have not always made the best decisions, nor have I implemented decisions as well as I could. Christ United’s response to these moments have helped me to grow in my leadership, communication, and pastoral skills.

I will be posting thoughts, ideas, questions, and updates throughout this transition into a new ministry. For now, you can read some proposals regarding the new venue at

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