A Recent Opportunity To Share Our Story

In one of my first seminary classes at Duke University, a guy named Chad sat down next to me and told me a story about how he had left his house (over 30 miles from Durham) without his wallet. Chad did not realize that he had forgotten his wallet until he rolled into a gas station along the way on fumes. So there he was—no gas and no money.

Only Chad would be able to bring about what happened next. He was able to convince the owner of this little roadside pit stop to give him $10 worth of gas for which he would pay on his way home from school. If you were to meet Chad, it would not take long for you to understand how he could broker such a deal. He has a personality that sells, genuinely and with authenticity.

Being a man of integrity, Chad was going to make sure he had that $10 for his ride home. Here’s where I come into the picture. I lent the $10 to Chad that he had promised to deliver on his way home later that day.

From that day on, whether in the classroom or on the basketball court, Chad and I were best buddies during our time at Duke. He has since planted a new church in Fayetteville, NC, which continues to reach people with the message of Jesus and impact the surrounding community in incredible ways. Chad has also been teaching and training many churches across the country in how to plant new church starts, as well as improving the method of discipleship for existing churches. He also started a podcast and I was honored to be part of a recent episode.

I’m excited to share the podcast with you this week.

You can stream the podcast right from this blog post.

You can also listen to the podcast by clicking the play button on Chad’s iTunes page or downloading the episode to your own iTunes library.

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