Take One For The Team

I started playing team sports and at very young age and I loved it. I remember seasons when my brother and I were playing two different sports on two different teams and my parents would drive us from field to field all day long. When I think back to those days, it was like we were either practicing, playing, or sleeping.

I was not particularly gifted as an athlete in those early years of soccer, basketball, and baseball. But that never kept me from having fun while playing on those teams. As a child, it didn’t matter if we were out on the field, sitting on the bench, practicing late into the evening, or getting a chocolate-dipped cone after the game—we were just a bunch of kids having fun together.

How about you? Do you have fond memories of playing team sports? Maybe you are still involved in team sports. Up until just a few years ago, I was still participating in church softball teams, church basketball teams, and mens lacrosse teams. Even as an adult, I was having a blast playing on these teams.

Perhaps one of the dynamics that make team sports so much fun is simply the fact that you are on a team. Everyone has a responsibility. Everyone has each other’s back. Everyone must act together with knowledge of each other’s strengths and weaknesses in mind if the team is going to excel. By its very nature, you are never alone on a healthy team.

One of the reasons we have so much fun here at 801South is because we operate in teams. The best teams are those in which everyone gets a say. Everyone is respected, appreciated, and honored. Everyone learns from one another. Everyone gets to speak into the process.

Over time, teams develop a sense of community. It has been incredible for me to witness the relationships that have developed on the 801South Launch Team. Now I see similar relationships developing on all of the Service Teams that serve weekly to ensure for an incredible experience—both in worship and in small groups.

The teams here at 801South are always inclusive and open. Our teams have exhibited this inclusiveness over the past few weeks as we had the opportunity to network with different worship leaders in the area. Two of those leaders are KC and Julie Clark. KC and Julie are experienced and confident worship leaders who have an incredible passion to serve the local church. They are currently pursuing a dream that God has laid on their hearts to develop the next generation of worship leaders. This Family Worship Collective provides intentional community and mentoring so that young vocalists and musicians will be well equipped and well discipled to serve in the local church.

During two of our first three weeks in the 801South worship experience, KC, Julie, and everyone else involved in the worship preparation has acted as a team. Everybody has been pitching in to help us all get where we want to be. KC is a great team captain and our worship band has grown in a short time thanks to his leadership and vision. We are all grateful for the way KC and Julie have shared their gifts with us and we look forward to connecting with their ministry in the future. I recommend that you check them out at their website to see and hear what they are all about. There are several opportunities to see them play around town.

So what team are you a part of?

Are you having fun on your team? If so, keep it up! If not, how can you positively impact the dynamics of your team?

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