By The Numbers

I am a huge NC State Wolfpack fan. Emily and I purchase season tickets to all home football games every year and today I am headed to Raleigh as we face the Clemson Tigers in the ESPN Thursday night game. We love the atmosphere of game day and the opportunity to tailgate with friends we typically only see at the games who live in different parts of the state, but converge on the capital several times each fall.

As a benefit of our financial support to Wolfpack athletics, we receive a copy of The Wolfpacker every month. The Wolfpacker is full of interesting stories detailing the world of NC State athletics. The publication is high quality with great action photography and well written, interesting articles. I don’t particularly wait excitedly for the magazine to arrive in my mailbox each month, but I do enjoy flipping through the pages when it arrives. Not all of the articles get my full time and attention, but there is one section in each issue that I read every single month: By The Numbers. This segment highlights seemingly random numbers and then explains their significance. Here is an example:


This is where the Clemson Tigers currently rank in the national polls as they come into Carter-Finley tonight. I don’t know what it feels like to have “my team” ranked in the top five nationally, but I’m sure that Tigers fans have very high expectations for their team this season. The players are very talented and demonstrate great chemistry in their on-field play.

I cannot exactly put my finger on why I so enjoy the By The Number sections every month, but it just draws me in. Therefore, I have decided that it would be beneficial to post a “by the numbers” article that could provide an overview of our progress as we near a launch of the 801South venue. Look for these posts on a regular basis beginning next week. They will be titled simply “801South: By The Numbers.” I think you will be surprised to see how far along we are on the journey.

Go Pack!

1 thought on “By The Numbers

  1. Whether it’s the numbers for 801South or the number of Clemson’s rank, it’s a good thing when these type numbers go UP! Have fun & safe travels! Go Pack đŸ™‚


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