Why We Do Church The Way We Do Church

There is a vital concept that you must grasp in order to appreciate a ministry initiative like 801South.

Here it is (totally for free):

Those who participate in modes of church (worship, discipleship, outreach, missions, evangelism, etc.) that are different from your own are NOT inherently wrong.

We have an innate push within us to express animosity toward that which is simply different. But different does not necessarily equal wrong. The motivation of those who do things differently may or may not be biblically based. They may or may not be effective. The key point of coming to this understanding is realizing that the masses who do church a particular way do so because we were TAUGHT to. More than likely, you do church the way you do because you have been trained to do so.

Occasionally, one (or two or three) from within the masses stops to analyze current methods and the world around her (or receives a new revelation from God) and realizes that the current modes will not effectively perpetuate the never-changing gospel of Jesus Christ effectively. John Wesley did this very thing. He determined a need for new methods by analyzing the Anglican church and the culture of the day.

On the flip side, when new modes are deemed necessary, this does not mean that current modes are inherently WRONG. Those who maintain an appreciation for the ways in which the gospel has been perpetuated in the past will have the greatest ability to provide fresh expression in the future.

You do not do church the way you do church because it is right. Rather, you do church the way you do church, because you were apprenticed to do exactly that. I am looking for new apprentices who will one day receive a new revelation and realize a need for change when the 801South modes are no longer the most effective for the mission.

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