Will 801South Try To Be Elevation: Dedication

For my final post in a series of responses to the question of 801South trying to be Elevation Church (a church who hosts over 12,000 people in attendance every week  with several campuses throughout the greater Charlotte region, as well as Toronto) I want to share one way that I hope 801South will try to be like Elevation.

In my previous rambling, I stated that a key theme throughout the movements of God I have experienced is a strong desire of the senior leadership to reach new people with the Gospel. I hope to emulate this urgency (along with the rest of the 801South leadership) in a manner similar to Steven Furtick. To better understand Pastor Steven’s dedication to evangelical urgency, I suggest you read a piece that he wrote back in 2007; a copy of which I keep on my desk and often re-read when I need a little boost in my own motivation. You can find the post here.

I share a similar vision for ministry and I will be looking for people who can get on board with such a vision. Our methods will most certainly be different, but God will be able to use a group of people who follow Jesus and share a dedication similar to Pastor Steven’s for the sake of changing the world.

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