Why Do You Serve?

We were made to worship; which we exhibit as praise. Our service, consequently, emanates from a passion to see that which we praise magnified. We want to multiply it, because we love it, and who doesn’t want to see more of what you love? Every time I eat a chocolate chip cookie, I want another. It doesn’t matter if I’ve already had 3 or 5 or 9. I love chocolate chip cookies so I am passionate about “enlarging my territory” when it comes to these delicious delights of divinity. Honestly though, God wants us to know how much he loves us so he 1. sent his son and 2. created chocolate chip cookies. I am thankful for both so, out of duty to my Lord and out of a heart to see God glorified, I serve.

So what about the people who serve through opportunities and organizations that are not faith-based? I believe the reason why those who enjoy serving, but do not attribute their motivation to a faith-based conviction, naturally feel inspired to do so because of the divine image stamped onto their own identity. They just don’t know it…yet. This is why missions (service) is a great backdoor into the church for many people who would otherwise not give her much consideration. I like taking advantage of this backdoor, opening it as wide as possible.

For a disciple of Jesus, however, service is a way of life, because you now view the world differently. Prior to your spiritual heart surgery, you saw the world as a market in which you are a consumer. What can I consume in order to reach my desired end? How much can/should I consume? Then, If you could fit it into your schedule of consumption, you would participate in a planned service opportunity now and then. This is how service devolves into a program or event. But when you ask Jesus to replace your will with his own, suddenly the world is no longer a market in which you consume. Instead, you see the world as a place full of need and opportunity for you to meet that need (or God to meet the need through you).

Serving is a matter of the heart. Why do you serve? Perhaps a more discerning question is, “Who (or what) do you serve?”

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