A New Year

As we began to think about the new year and resolutions that we are sure not to keep for long if at all, I wanted to make Christ United aware of several things on the horizon for early 2013:

Through the message on Sunday, December 30th we examined a very interesting account from the prophet Jeremiah and tried to understand how we can best “live on purpose” in the new year.

We then began our current series, “Christian Atheist” on Sunday, January 6th. Many local churches in America and across the world are filled with people who believe in God, but live their lives as if He does not exist. What does it look like when you believe in God, but trust more in money? What does it look like when you believe in God, but spend so much of your time worrying? What about when you believe in God, but you have never shared your faith?

As the church recovers from our Advent Conspiracy theme this Christmas season, we are thinking about all of the lives we have touched through our generosity–how we have been able to give more presence while spending less on material presents. We are considering how we have told strangers in our local community as well as throughout the world, “God is with you and so am I” (Emmanuel) with our contributions and gifts. Christ United is doing a great work here for the sake of God’s Kingdom. We will be sure to keep it up.

In 2013, we will all continue to make investments with the way we use our resources. I’ve asked us to consider how our generosity can continue to grow through investing our finances in the vision of the church. The undesignated giving to our ministry operations continues to increase and it must continue to increase even more…always. The church will thrive in correlation with our generosity and God’s provision. I have never heard of anyone regretting being too generous.

We will continue to strive for greater things as we create environments in which more and more people want to take part. God will continue to move. Lives will continue to change. People will continue to be reached. Families will continue to be better equipped. We will continue to be even more relevant to our local community and beyond in 2013.

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