A Courageous Fall

“We were made to be courageous.” What does this Casting Crowns lyric mean for us today? The world presents us with so many conflicting messages on how we are supposed to be a family, but I believe that God still has the best of any plans available today. Our families may look very different—from dads, moms, sons, daughters, and grandparents to step-moms, step-dads, half-brothers, half-sisters, and all of the other labels we try to apply to our relationships, however, the bottom line is that all of our families need Jesus in order to thrive.

We also need each other within the church. I pray that we seek unity as his body so that we can spend our time growing and learning together as we understand just how courageous we need to be so that our families will be strengthened. As we connect with each other and connect with our Creator, I have no doubt that life here in this place will improve. I believe God for his promises and I hope that you do as well.

The second half of the summer has provided some great excitement and momentum here at Christ United Church. My hope is that our local church continue to ride this wave as we move headlong into the fall season. We are looking forward to our Wednesday night meals and inspiring programming for all ages beginning this month.

I am so excited about our local church’s decision to bring Anna Epley (who recently graduated from Lees-McRae College with a double major in psychology and religious studies) on staff as our Interim Middle School Director. Anna has been working with the youth of other local churches for several years and we are glad to bring her love of students to Christ United for the fall semester. Anna will be leading weekly programs for students in grades 6-8th on Wednesday and Sunday evenings, as well as planning service opportunities and a fall retreat for all students!

September will also feature some great opportunities to be plugged in through worship here at Christ United. Homecoming is scheduled for Sunday, September 16th and worship continues that evening at 7:00 p.m. with the beginning of a three-day revival. The revival will feature great preaching and our wonderful music leaders are lining up some incredible music as well.

The following Sunday, September 23rd, will feature an opportunity for all of us to see God move in the lives of those who want to make a public profession of their faith and be baptized. This will not be your typical “sprinkle.” Instead, these baptisms will be held outside and all of us will exit the worship center to be witnesses at the end of the service that Sunday. We are praying that people here in Burke County will take advantage of Homecoming and the revival as an opportunity to invite people they would like to see make a move in their faith! Let’s courageously change some lives together this fall!

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