No More Emails!!!!

At what point does a regular email become spam??? I have signed up for so many emails at one point or another only to end up deleting the email from my inbox without even opening it. Hello…I asked to receive the email! And now I am deleting it without even opening it! From Jos. A Banks to J. Crew to Shop It To Me to ESPN college football news to CNET technology updates…enough is enough!

Good News…Jesus died so that you can know God. More good news…no more weekly Solar Student Ministries emails! The time and energy that was spent on drafting these weekly emails will now be transferred into going after the hearts of students. There will be occasional emails as deadlines to sign up for retreats and other events get close. Hopefully these occasional emails will not go straight to the trash.

So how do you stay in the know??? There are several ways. The first is the website. The second is the weekly bulletin. The third is the online calendar. The fourth is our Facebook page. The fifth is through text messages. To learn about each of these, simply visit As you can see, there is not a lack of ways to stay in the know!

I am pumped about the ways that God is going to move in the lives of our students this year. I’m expecting big and radical things this year…things of Biblical proportion. Will you and your family join us? See you on September 12th, if not before!

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